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    Weingut Bollig-lehnert, is an Internationally recognized producer and supplier of fine Mosel Riesling Wines. Our portfolio represents finest quality wines produced within our Mosel Estate here on the Middle Mosel in Germany. Bollig-lehnert was founded by Günter & Josepha Bollig in 1960 –  although old family records show that my forefathers were also […]

Essential & Great value Rieslings

  Great value Rieslings for every taste and occasion These wines are a MUST for any Summer Lunch, Dinner  in 2018         2017 Bollig-Lehnert  Fire Dragon   Riesling (Mosel) Intensive and fruity , Citrus & Blackcurrent flavors with fine permeating back-tones –  this young off-dry Riesling achieves a satisfying exciting balance. The palate […]

Reviews and Ratings

Dear readers,   Wine-Ratings are of great value to our estate as a whole, this important  information and feedback helps us to monitor our production quality and the consumtion trends and wishes of our valued customers  – the information below to various Bollig-Lehnert Vintages  is offered as a guide only..   Wine Enthusiast   Bollig-Lehnert 2016 […]

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* PROWEIN 2018   13th – 15th   November  SHANGHAI / CHINA 

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People searching for GREAT Mosel Riesling usually find just what they are looking for here..!


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There is no great mystery to “ Wine-Making “ one just needs Patience, Skill, dedicated passion for your work and the very best of Vineyards and leave the rest to Mother-Nature !


Welcome to Weingut Bollig-Lehnert,

We hope that you are able to find the information that you are searching for, should you however require more details regarding a particular wine, the Estate, or our current Riesling Portfolio then please do not hesitate to contact us.                  

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March 2018

 News !

Prowein China 2018  年11月        Weingut BolligLehnert     Stefan Bollig

                                                                                                                                       100 %  摩澤爾雷司令      150% 最高品質 !


* PROWEIN 2018   13th – 15th   November  SHANGHAI / CHINA 

                                                                                                we look forward to seeing you


VINTAGE  REPORT 2018   so far !…

  • The year started well, with a slightly earlier than usual “ Blossoming “ in April/May – weather conditions at the beginning of the year were perfect – with just one slight “ cold-Snap“ before full development..but early enough not to have done any damage. The quantity of Grape bunches to the Vine as it were , is the highest that Stefan or i have seen here for many years (  the other day i counted 17 Bunches on 1. Vine ! which is pretty amazing and very unusual )
  • The long VERY dry and Hot snap of 15 weeks ( it was border-line this year ! )  took its toll but  a good 20 litres of rain per sq meter spread over the last 2 weeks or so have subtantially increased general development and the vines are looking really great ( see foto taken 4 days ago ) Stefan is expecting to put the harvest into action in 10 days – maybe a little pre-picking ..we will see.
  • As you know we have dramatically increased or estate acreage – with the additional vineyards looking just as promising , we can this year expect a significant increase in quantities and we are planning one or two new products to add to our portofolio which is exciting. Should conditions arise later on in the year we wil try also for either an Eiswein or Beerenauslese but time will tell.
  • All in all things are looking very positive indeed – we just need further clement weather,  a little more rain in the next two weeks and we will be looking at what could be record-breaking MOSEL vintage – the best i personally think since 2011 – 2012.



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